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About Delhi Master Plan:

The Zonal Development Plan is prepared under the provisions of Master Plan for Delhi and as per Delhi Development Act, 1957. It provides a link between the Master Plan and lay-out plans. According to Master Plan for Delhi -2021, notified on 07.02.07 National Capital Territory of Delhi has been divided into 15 planning zones. Out of these, 8 Zones (A to H) cover existing Urban Area as shown in the Land Use Plan. Zone ‘O’ covers River Yamuna and the remaining 6 zones (Zone J to P) are part of Urbanisable Area.

Location and area :

The zone (L) covers an area of 21933 ha. which is bounded by the following:
  • Delhi Rohtak Railway line in the North
  • Existing H T line and Zone ‘K ’ mainly comprising of Dwarka Sub-City, in the East and
  • The National Capital Territory of Delhi boundary on it’s southern and western sides. In the zone there are 58 villages, and one Census Town known as Najafgarh. Part of revenue area of 6 villages located in zone K also fall in this zone.
  • Objectives for planning of L Zone
  • L Zone Land Use Proposal
  • L Zone Residential Development
  • Physical Infrastructure L Zone

To provide adequate shelter along with physical & social infrastructure for assigned population.

  • To provide work centers
  • Conservation of environment.
  • Public, Private and Community participation to remove bottleneck and delay in the assembly of land through mix of land acquisition and the new assembly techniques involving public , private sector( land owner).
  • Redevelopment of existing built up area regularization of existing unauthorised colonies as per the policy of the Government with the objectives to provide basic infrastructure and to improve the environment by development of proper road width, parking facilities, community facilities.
  • Integration of transport network with the other parts of the city.
Zonal Plan Proposals:

To accommodate about 20 lakh population following land use distribution has been proposed.

Proposal Land Use:

For residential development 5,539 ha. of land is proposed in a hierarchy of Neighborhood, community etc. A Neighborhood module of 20-25 ha. shall accommodate about 10,000 population as per density norms of Master Plan. About 5 ha. of land in each module shall be provided for neighborhood facilities such as Sr. Secondary School, Park & Play ground etc. There are about 154 unauthorized colonies in the zone, which shall be dealt as per Government policy for regularization. Most of these residential built-up area consisting unauthorized colonies and villages are deficient in facilities and have approach road / streets of smaller or inadequate width which would necessities of redevelopment plan.

Master Plan for Delhi-2021 recommends preparation of redevelopment plans for Unauthorised Colonies and the villages; which shall ensure the permissibility of mixed use zoning at property or within the premise level compatible to the predominant residential areas. It must be ensured that for improvement of the physical and social infrastructure, the minimum necessary level of services and community facilities aremto be provided in all unauthorized colonies.

Najafgarh Town, built up area of villages, unauthorized colonies are existing in an area of about 2023 ha. Najafgarh Town and built up area around this town has been considered as special area for which Redevelopment Plan and Special Area Plan shall be prepared. The core area of Najafgarh Town has historical importance, which isproposed to be designated as “Special Area”. Accordingly Special Area, Regulations of MPD-2021 shall be applicable. However, the peripheral / recent developments including unauthorized colonies are to be dealt as per respective policies and plans.

The provision of requisite social infrastructure shall be governed by the norms for residential neighborhood of 10,000 population. In any residential sub division plan the minimum area served for social infrastructure shall be about 7 sq.m. per person.

Water Supply: Water required for the year 2021 for zone L is about 76 Mgd. The areas for water treatment plant and its reservoirs, ground water recharging area have been suggested. Potable water in this zone is mostly from the tubewell. The availability of the water in this zone shall be as per the norms considered in working out the requirement of the water at the city level. About 34 ha of land, for water treatment plant has been made available to the Delhi Jal Board in adjoining zone i.e. K-I. Beside this, a provision has been kept about 45 ha of land in the zone for locating a new water treatment plant near village Mitraon, on Najafgarh Dhansa road. Drainage & Sewerage: The entire Najafgarh Basin has its catchment area of about 10939.00 ha. The other important natural drains flowing through this zone are Mungeshpur drain and Mandela drain. It is proposed that the storm water of the urban development shall flow through these drains. An existing sewerage treatment plant with the capacity of 5 MGD is serving the Najafgarh Town which requires augmentation. The new location of sewerage treatment plant of 80 MGD capacity is proposed near the Najafgarh Drain, in revenue village Sarangpur.

Solid Waste: It is proposed to set up the mechanized plant / compost plant for solid waste which is projected to be 1360 tonnes per day. This plant shall be located based on the requirements in the green belt or at location in village Tikri Kalan, Jhuljhuli and Kanganheri.

Power: The power requirements have been worked out for the zone which is connected through the power grid line. No new location of the power station has been worked out in this zone. However, the zone ‘L’ based on the requirement received from the Delhi Transco. Two 400 KV grid station site and two 220 KV grid station sites have been identified. One site of 400 KV is already located in the revenue village of the Tikri Kalan / Neelwal. Other location proposed on the Mitraon Dhansa road. A 220 KV grid station site is already under execution at Rewala Khanpur and the other 220 KV grid station has been proposed in revenue village Ujwa.